How to Weed Out Less Qualified Audiences from Your PPC Campaigns

How to Weed Out Less Qualified Audiences from Your PPC Campaigns

PPC marketers should stop focusing on reach and frequency of the consumer. Learn how to decide just who is worthy enough to see your ads in the first place.

When NOT Asking For The Sale Is The Smartest PPC Strategy You Can Have Video

Did you realize that most of the people who are visiting Google are not even there to buy anything at all?

At least half of the people who are Googling the search terms YOU think people are looking to buy YOUR products are really just there to ‘buy’ the best quality information coming from the vendors, as YOU are the experts.

By starting with a ‘content only first’ approach, you can get on the good side with your prospects first, way before anyone else does to increase the chances they will buy from you instead of them.

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Solo Ad Traffic How To Get Tons Of Buyers FAST With Solo Ads

Solo Ad Traffic – How To Get Tons Of Buyers FAST With Solo Ads

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In today’s video, I reveal how to convert solo ad traffic from cold to warm leads bringing them into your world and building a relationship with your list and converting your audience into buyers in your online business.

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When people talk about over optimization in marketing, it usually relates to outdated SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing, but can you over optimize a PPC campaign? The answer is YES

So let’s take a look at 5 things you may be doing that you think are helping you, but could be hurting your campaigns. Let’s talk about PPC campaign over optimization.

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