How To Delete Google Reviews (And When You Should)

How To Delete Google Reviews (And When You Should)

Unfortunately, not all Google reviews are glowing. But when should you delete bad reviews and how do you go about it?

How to delete Google Reviews for my business

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This video is a must watch for any local business with a Google My Business listing.

Google reviews can make or break your business, and understanding how to handle / manage / or even delete fake or bad reviews is an essential skill.

In this video we run through some methods we use, some tricks we’ve learned, and also a system for getting loads of good reviews, so that your Google My Business listing ranks as high as possible, helping your business to grow.

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How To Remove A Fake Google Review In 2023

So you have received a few Google My Business fake reviews. How are they removed? Is there an easy way to remove and get rid of a bad google review ? But what about increasing your reviews? DO NOT MISS MY 7 TIPS HERE

If you have a fake review and you cant get rid of it n your Google business
Then stick around as this is a complete guide on how to remove it

0:00 Introduction to Google business reviews
0:25 Understand the different reviews
0:40 Understand reply means acceptance
1:10 Google Map Pack Quiz
1:50 Judge fake or genuine
2:40 A 1 star review isn’t a disaster
3:20 Reporting a fake review
4:40 How to get even more help in Google SEO
5:40 Understanding quality and quantity with reviews

A disaster / unfair / crushed / costs business, not following guidelines –
show how you can report a violation
BUT like loads of others, you have probably done that and nothing has been done by Google

Before I show you what seems to be the main solution and a Google workaround to get a review removed – a quick question which is going to help you
Which of these listings would you choose? if its A the top one then put A down below in the comments, B the middle one or C the bottom one…we will come back to the right answer a little later.

1. flag first if genuine
try to sort out if genuine or fake – this is important

don’t reply if fake – if its true but you don’t like it then, that’s still a genuine review – try and find out what you did wrong and if possible put things right

2. Are you certain its fake?
flag it
work through options several days – then you will get an email to confirm

and wait in most cases a fake review will now get removed BUT – there is still one more thing you can do

Then comment below and let me know how it went

And the answer to ABC C because being in the top 3 is key many reviews including a few 1 stars is expected – but in our case, we are removing fake that’s different to a bad review – would you trust a Dr with no reviews or a website – just because they are number 1?

3. Now this is a recent tip I heard Google were giving out – whether it’s true i have no way of confirming it as I haven’t heard it myself
report – same reason multiple times, around 5 times
claims he was advised by Google
keep reporting over time get other friends family etc

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How to Delete a Google Review 2023 (Quick & Easy Guide)

How to Delete a Google Review? Google reviews can make or break your business. Sadly, there are people who do leave negative or fake/false Google reviews. But what, if anything, can you do about it? Here we walk you through how to delete a Google review—or at least how to try. Google reviews are the internet’s “word-of-mouth,” influencing potential customers before they even visit your website or walk in your store.
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How To Delete Negative Google Reviews | Google Business Profile Reviews (2023)

In this Google review tutorial, I share how to delete and manage negative Google reviews on your Google Business Profile.

Today, I explain how you can better manage negative reviews on your Google Business Profile.

I also, cover how you can request to delete unfair, unreasonable and spammy reviews from your Google Business Profile.

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► In this Google review tutorial we cover the following chapters:

0:00 Intro
01:09 Getting started
01:46 How to better manage negative Google reviews
03:42 How to delete negative Google reviews
05:22 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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