How To Automate SEO Keyword Clustering By Search Intent With Python

How To Automate SEO Keyword Clustering By Search Intent With Python

The process of SEO keyword research can be made quicker, more accurate, and more scalable with Python. Here's what you need to know.

Keyword Clusters for SEO Explained – What They Are and How To Use Them

You’ve probably seen the term “Keyword Clusters” mentioned around the SEO community, but what exactly are they, and how can you use them for your SEO and ranking benefit?

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Automating B2B SaaS Keyword Research With Data From Google SERPs

ClusterAi uses data from Google SERPs to automate your keyword research. Using ClusterAi you can finish keyword research for 1,000+ pages in minutes.

ClusterAi has been battle-proven over the course of 3 years, helping take four websites from 0 to 100,000+ organics/month in less than 13 months. The fastest going from 0 to 479,000 organics/month in 16 months.

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Keyword Research Clustering Method 2022

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How You Can Use Python and Machine Learning for SEO with Ruth Everett

Challenge: SEOs are busy
Solution: Automation = Data Analysis & Automation with Python

Ruth explains to us
– what Python ist
– who is using Python (also Google)
– why & when to use Python
– how you can learn Python the fastest (and why you need NO programming experience to learn it)
– how Python can help with technical SEO (and save you hundreds of hours of work compared to working with tools like Excel)
– entering alt tags at scale with a simple method using Pythia
– optimizing image size at scale (without compromising quality)
– improving website performance with Python
– evaluating content quality at scale
– analysing log files
– Predictive analytics
– how Machine Learning, BERT, NLP and RankBrain can be applied
– best-in-class practical applications of Machine Learning

At the end of this exciting talk Ruth Everett encourages everyone to try learning Python like she did. It took her 1 year and now she is amazed at how much easier her life as an expert SEO is.


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