Google Reviews: The Complete Guide For Google Business Profiles

Google Reviews: The Complete Guide For Google Business Profiles

Learn how to manage Google reviews for Business Profiles, how reviews impact local rankings, how to respond to bad reviews, and more.

Google Business Profile SEO Tutorial by Web Developer

Google Business Profile full local SEO tutorial for 2023 to help your small business perform well in the ranking of search results and dominate the local search engine optimization strategy.

In this video I go section by section, explaining the rationale behind how to optimally fill everything in from the profile section, to responding to google reviews, to posting updates, dedicated review link, adding or removing managers and owners, and so much more…
Let’s talk about it in the comments section, I will aim to respond to every single comment and question!

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0:00 Why are Google Business Profiles important
1:00 Editing Profile Section
2:00 Suspended Profiles
2:25 Business Description on Google
3:35 Adding Managers and Owners
3:58 Google Reviews Strategy
4:45 Responding to Reviews
5:20 Adding Cover Photos Logo
6:30 Performance Metrics
7:20 Physical Address
7:55 Google Ads
8:45 Call Feature
9:35 Questions & Answers
10:05 Add Posts and Updates
11:48 Dedicated Google Reviews Link
12:40 Local SEO Google Business Profile

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How To GET Google Business Profile REVIEWS For 2023

You know Google Business Profile is important, but it feels like reviews are hard to get in 2023. I’ll show you how to get strong reviews and add them to your Google profile. (For website try ) Why do some businesses have fewer ratings and rank higher? It can seem so confusing.

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Select Your Reason for Flagging the Review

0:00 Overview on Google Business Reviews
1:00 Good reviews are a major factor in human choice
1:40 How to increase Business & get the first review
2:04 Google wants you to get GBP reviews
2:42 Important questions on Google Reviews
3:50 What about reporting google my business fake reviews
4:30 Bad Google Business Reviews are good!
5:40 How to filter bad reviews
6:50 Google Business Profile Reviews into your website

Well here is the good news. Did you know Google wants you to get reviews, not just good reviews but bad ones too! Did you know that reviews are not a major ranking factor but they are a major buying factor!

In today’s video, I’m going to answer your questions and reveal what Google looks for in reviews and why you may get customer reviews that just disappear. Get this right and you will see a large increase in traffic and sales this coming year.

Google business reviews, if it’s genuinely breaking rules – then flag it
Flag the Review – Locate the review that was left by your competitor and click the flag. To get the flag to show up, you will need to be hovering over the review.

If its just annoying that one customer isn’t happy – be polite – try and put it right …if it remains it could be ok see &ref_topic=6109351 .show Google help page of variant is trustworthy

Can’t trust all 5 star reviews though.

Try this cool tool –
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why reviews matter
it’s a large part of the ranking element affecting the algorithm and the human trust element to validate your business.
6 out of 10 people check online reviews before choosing a business
while reviews in the algorithm should be diverse, varied and from different areas and citations, its regularity is considered important as seen in this video, really important (reversed engineered by 42 experts link to latest video)

Google business reviews. Why aren’t they showing?
It could be spammy words, same IP address, same domain on email;
There are several reasons why reviews may be removed from the page. In most cases, missing reviews were removed for policy violations like spam or inappropriate content.

Add reviews to any website

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How To Set Up Google Reviews With Google My Business

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You’ll rank higher.

You’ll get more visits.

And you’ll close more leads.

There are three keys to getting google reviews, here they are.
1. Ask people who you know will give you a good review.
2. Give a reason when asking them. They are 50% more likely to fill out the review form if you do.

Send an automated email with a CLICKABLE link that directs them straight to your google review page. People don’t like wasting time when doing favors.

Make the automated email fun. Use canva to design it and then upload the PDF STANDARD to your email campaign platform.

Real estate is a hard industry. It’s difficult enough just to sign a client. Don’t waste the opportunity to get a review. Start building that reputation ASAP.

An important tip is to remember to send the email between 1-3pm. People are just getting back from lunch and checking their email before they finish the second half of their work day.

Google Business Profile Set Up: 2023 Step-by-Step Tutorial for Best Results

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up a Google Business profile for your business in 2023 step by step including:

– How to create a Google account (if you don’t already have one)
– How to claim your business on Google
– How to verify your business on Google
– Tips for optimizing your Google Business Profile for the best results

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a fully set up Google Business profile to help your business stand out online and be found in google search results and google maps.
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Google My Business Profile Optimization – Ultimate Tutorial for 2023 (Every Secret Revealed!)
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0:00 Intro
0:28 Create a google account
01:34 Setting up your profile
03:01 Choose a business type
05:26 Profile verification
07:15 Add services
07:55 Add business hours
08:29 Turn on messages
09:12 Add a description
09:51 Add photos
Create a Google account

Set up a Google business profile

How to verify your business on Google
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