Google Announces New Reporting Features in GA4

Google Announces New Reporting Features in GA4

Google has announced new reporting features and changes coming to GA4. Here's what marketers need to know!

GA4 Reporting Overview: How to Customize and Use Standard Reports

GA4 reporting is quite different than in Universal Analytics. This video explains the difference between GA4 Standard Reports and Explorations.

We also walk through how to access and use the major GA4 Standard Reports and how to create custom reports from those standard reports.

Have questions or comments? Leave them in the comments. I’ve been learning / struggling with GA4 over the couple of years, and I’m always up for learning more…and for new video ideas.

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Google Analytics can be hard, but there is someone whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light. Rest easy. Mathew 11: 28 – 30

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Pages reporting in Google Analytics 4 properties

GA4 Reporting Identities & Google Signals: What You Need to Know

How does Google Signals’ reporting identities affect your data tracking in Google Analytics 4?

SEO Strategist Julia Morris explains the current landscape of reporting identities and what they mean for tracking and reporting website data within Google Analytics 4.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Google Signals’ Blended Reporting
1:51 Downsides to Google Signals
3:06 How to Change Your Reporting Identity
3:38 Device-Based Reporting
3:55 Before & After Reporting Comparison
4:50 Conclusion

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Acquisition reporting in Google Analytics 4 properties