Auditing & QA: Preventing GDN & YouTube Disasters

Auditing & QA: Preventing GDN & YouTube Disasters

Prevent disasters from happening in your Google Display Network and YouTube campaigns. Here's why you need a proper auditing and QA process.

There’s no such thing as “natural” disasters

There are natural and man-made hazards but whether these become a disaster a not depend entirely on human activity. Talking about “natural disasters” makes it appear as if, in some disasters, there was nothing that could be done to prevent them. But this is never the case. Language matters. &utm_campaign=PreventionSavesLives

Are All These Natural Disasters Normal? | The New York Times

A climate reporter for The Times explains what you should know about recent disasters that have struck in quick succession.

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After Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria one must ask is what we are going through normal. That in tandem with the earthquakes in Mexico and the wildfires raging over the western United States we try to answer that question.


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From disaster response to disaster prevention | Rachel Kyte | TEDxSendai (English)

As Vice President of Sustainable Development, Rachel leads the Bank’s global work in agriculture, environment, energy, infrastructure, urban, and social development, as well as global public goods issues in those areas. Before assuming this post in September 2011, she was the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Vice President for Business Advisory Services, where she focused on delivering more measurable impact for the world’s poorest people and in the most challenging environments, including countries affected by conflict. As IFC’s Director for Environmental and Social Development, Rachel led efforts to develop new sustainability performance standards, which — through the Equator Principles — are now a global benchmark. Before joining the World Bank Group Rachel worked for IUCN and The World Conservation Union. She has worked within the environment, women’s, human rights and health movements, and has held elected positions in Europe and formed and led NGOs. Rachel has served as an advisor, and on the boards of a number of companies, philanthropies, and governments.

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This Pilot Was Not Fit To Fly (British European Airways Flight 548) – DISASTER BREAKDOWN

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On the outskirts of London, exists the town of Staines-upon-Thames. With a population of 18,000 it is far from the most well-known place in the United Kingdom but on June 18th, 1972, this small town was thrusted into the national spotlight. The town of Staines became the scene of what was and still is to this day, the deadliest air disaster to occur on British soil. British European Airways Flight 548 crashed just minutes after take-off. It was supposed to be a short flight, one of less than an hour to Brussels, so what went wrong? Well for that we need to rewind the clock that day which brings us to Heathrow Airport? So how did things end up in disaster so quickly? It would turn out, there are many layers to this story. But before we get there, we need to have a quick talk about the plane involved.


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