A Simple Guide to Perform a Comprehensive Content Audit

A Simple Guide to Perform a Comprehensive Content Audit

A content audit can help improve your website's quality. You just need to follow the right steps and know what to look for. Learn the process here.

How to Do (In 4 Steps) a Content Audit that Boost Growth for your SaaS [Template Included]

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SEO Content Audits are usually done with the sole goal of analyzing SEO/Traffic metrics and determine what pages you should remove/update/maintain to increase organic traffic.

That’s ok, but for me, this is only the surface of the potential of a content audit.

You also must see what’s impacting your company’s growth.

Check out the full guide here:

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A guide to and SEO Content Audit for 2023 using free tools (mostly) with example template

Are you struggling with a starting point for your 2023 SEO strategy? Want to kick off 2023 with informed action items that return value?

A review of what content is performing or not is a great starting point. But it’s not as straightforward as this gets traffic and this does not. A low-traffic post can still be performing. Our process considers:

✅ current & potential traffic
✅ conversions
✅ authority

Example spreadsheet available to copy at:

Base Data Sources
Google Search Console (GSC)
Screaming Frog (free edition)
Ahrefs (paid, but reduces manual labor)

Determine your list of pages

1. The free version of Screaming Frog is great for this process if you have fewer than 500 blog posts. If you have more than 500 we would suggest this tool or Sitebulb:

Screaming Frog:

If you have your blog posts in a subfolder you can crawl the full site and filter for “/blog/”. What we have found easier is your “posts” XML sitemap. For the WordPress sites using RankMath this is

Switch Screaming Frog to “Mode”, “List” and select “Upload”, “Download XML Sitemap”. Under “Crawl Data” select “HTML” and Export. Upload this export to “sf_raw” on your audit sheet. Delete the root page (and any pagination or taxonomy pages if they exist.

Pro Tip if you are not getting much traffic to your blog we would suggest moving all blog posts to a subfolder and setting up redirects. This makes it easier for your to segment the content source and determine macro trends. Even if you are getting some traffic you might want to consider structuring things and dealing with the turbulence so you have a cleaner segment for future analysis.

2. Generate a list of each unique keyword in the summary tab using the formula:

3. Review for taxonomy (/author/, /category/, /tag/), pagination (/page/) pages, and any that have a “#” and delete them from the source.

Let’s get some free data to make informed decisions

1. Organic traffic (clicks) and visibility (impressions) from the search result – Login into GSC, Under “Performance” then “Search Results” click on the “Pages” Tab under the chart, and filter for the last 12 months (this helps us account for seasonality).

2. Conversions – Login in GA (we are using classic GA, landing page attribution of conversions isn’t great with GA4 if you are looking for a GA alternative we recommend heap analytics as long as your traffic is under 10K monthly sessions it is free). Under “Behavior”, “Site Content” and “Landing Pages” filter for the last 12 months, pages containing “/blog/”, and increase the shown rows to a number that includes all of the data. Export the list and upload it to the audit spreadsheet under the tab “Conversions”.

3. Accounting for all traffic – While in GA with the same date range switch over to the report “Behaviour”, “Site Content”, and “All Pages” and export the list. Make sure you increase the number of pages to include all pages.

4. Last Modified Date – knowing when a post was published is powerful, if a post was published the final week of the range you are using then it shouldn’t be compared to a post that was live for 12 months. There are ways to extract the publish date using the paid version of Screaming Frog but if you have an XML Sitemap you can extract this data directly into Google Sheets. We did this in the tab “blog_date”. The formula wewe used was:

=IMPORTXML(“”, “//*[local-name() = ‘url’]”)

Paid Data Sources

If your site is smaller and you have the time review individually you can skip this step, but if you are working with a lot of content and need to sort quickly we recommend investing in a tool like Ahrefs (Moz or SEMRush would work as well).

1. Authority – the “best by links” page report in Ahrefs is a great source for authority. Export this and upload it to the tab “ahrefs_authority_raw”

2. Top Keywords – the “Top Pages” report under “Organic Search”. Export this and upload it to the tab “ahrefs_ranking_raw”

Conducting a Content Audit

A content audit is a process of identifying and organizing previously created content into distinct topic categories.

If you’re looking for a full tour of Content Auditing view our A-Z of Content Audits blog:

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