10 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

10 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

Even longtime SEO experts can slip up now and then. Here are 10 of the worst mistakes you can make when doing SEO.

Social Media Apps Keep Charging for Things

This week, Marques sits down with Andrew and David to discuss a variety of topics ranging from Instagram charging for verification to Samsung letting people clone their voice with AI. They also talk about changes with YouTube leadership before discussing some of the gadgets and software products they’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks. Of course, we wrap it all up with trivia so make sure you stick around until the end to hear the answers to all of the questions!

00:00 Intro
00:33 AI Bing recap
14:47 Samsung AI Voice clone
17:49 Trivia question 1
18:50 Indeed [Sponsored]
20:07 Gigabyte [Sponsored]
21:48 Susan Wojcicki stepping down
32:50 Twitter removing 2FA
36:56 Instagram charges for verification
50:39 Instagram allows gifs in replies
57:37 Trivia question 2
57:54 Trivia question 3
58:12 Zocdoc [Sponsored]
59:12 Gadgets/software that we’re loving
01:21:41 Scores
01:30:47 Outro

The Biggest Problem with AI: https://bit.ly/probwithAI
Samsung voice clone: https://bit.ly/samsungvoiceclone
Susan Wojcicki steps down: https://bit.ly/YouTubeCEOstepsdown
Instagram verification: https://bit.ly/Metaverified

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SEO Audit Mistakes: 8 Issues SEO Auditors Often Miss (5 Min Class)

Most people overlook major issues when it comes to a SEO audit. In this video, SEO expert John Lincoln will walk you through the most overlooked problems people miss when doing a SEO audit.

Most Overlooked SEO Problems for a SEO audit:
Problem #1: Not reviewing links that are negative by the landing page
Problem #2: Skipping algorithm reviews to see which ones have affected the website
Problem #3: Forgetting to look at the quality of the content that is posted
Problem #4: Only looking at duplicate content from one angle
Problem #5: Trusting your website hasn’t been hacked
Problem #6: Skipping a thorough analysis into your Google Search Console data
Problem #7: Forgetting to check if your pages have been removed
Problem #8: Believing you have no penalties or manual actions

It’s essential to make sure your SEO audit is all-encompassing. Review these 8 problems that are often overlooked in an SEO audit.

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Most Harmful SEO Mistakes and How to Fix (Andy Drinkwater)

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This SEO Mistake Is Why You Aren’t Ranking Higher On Google! #shorts #seo